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Hangover Musik

I’m hungover. You’re hungover. He/She/ It are hungover. Part of the remedy is Alt-J. Here’s a taste of their new album “This is All Yours.” Its called Hunger of the Pine. They throw a dope sample on the track of some chick named Miley Cyrus. Never heard of her before. But in all seriousness, it’s surprisingly very fitting and works well. Great song to chill to while the aspirin and gatorade do their job.


Taking You into the Weekend…

Saint Pepsi by Fiona Coyne is a solid song to throw on when you are crushing some beers by the pool this weekend. Enjoy!

Firing Back

Meek Mill recently criticized Wale saying that Wale doesn’t fit in with MMG. Here’s Wale’s response:

The question is where is Rozay at to squash the beef between two of the bigger artists on his label?


Here’s Wale’s twist on Yayo by Snootie

SOHN: An Artist You Should Know

SOHN is a Vienna-based, London-born producer who came out with his first EP back in April, Tremors. Tremors is worth checking out top to bottom. An indie electronic style with some R&B elements make SOHN a great artist to chill to. SOHN is worth keeping an eye on. 

Fly Art: Art and Hip Hop

What happens when you mix Van Gogh with Kendrick Lamar? You get Fly Art. Fly Art is an “Homage to the Finer Things in life: Art and Hip Hop.” Hard to disagree with that assessment. The juxtaposition between the two is what makes them so interesting. At first glance, the two have no relation but there’s an overlap in style and creation that makes them go well with each other. It’s somehow very fitting. Maybe not and I’m just buying into it. Who knows? tumblr_n02g8uQm6S1t7z5mbo1_1280.png  

How You Love Me – 3LAU (JUSTice Remix)

3LAU had a remix contest for his hit BPM banger How You Love Me. This remix by JUSTice makes me love this song all over again! Check out the past 3LAU post here too and download some more of his jams.





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