Fly Art: Art and Hip Hop

What happens when you mix Van Gogh with Kendrick Lamar? You get Fly Art. Fly Art is an “Homage to the Finer Things in life: Art and Hip Hop.” Hard to disagree with that assessment. The juxtaposition between the two is what makes them so interesting. At first glance, the two have no relation but there’s an overlap in style and creation that makes them go well with each other. It’s somehow very fitting. Maybe not and I’m just buying into it. Who knows? tumblr_n02g8uQm6S1t7z5mbo1_1280.png  


About Thugs on the Moon

What started out as just one girl thuggin’ out out the moon has grown to some homies thuggin’ on the moon. Music, by its nature, brings people together and that’s exactly how ThugsOnTheMoon came to be. At the very beginning it was a couple of kids talking about what they were listening to at a party before turning into an email chain and text messages sharing the names of songs and artists to check out before getting to where we are today. We’re hoping to build an empire up on the moon that everyone can be a part of, a community that can share their experience with one another. Our aim is to take whoever wants to join along on our musical odyssey. Follow @ThugsOnTheMoon on Twitter to get updates on every new post!

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