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Novo Amor – From Gold (Henri Pfr Remix)

Start your Saturday off with this chill remix to Novo Amor’s ‘From Gold’ by Henri Pfr. Can’t stop listening!

Download here.


Check out this DC cat, Imad El-Amine aka Royal. Dude dropped the EP not too long ago and it’s fresh. Real good to throw on if you’re just hanging out, kicking it.

Here’s my go-to off the EP, “Devil Pt. 1”:

If you like what you hear, head over to his site to download… 

Blessed on this Friday

Less than a month now from Big Sean’s new album “Dark Sky Paradise”, here’s a track he’s got coming off it called, “Blessings.” Sneaky Yeezy verse on there uncredited. Check it

Throwin’ It Back… Not That Far Back

With all this cold, taking it back to last summer with these guys…

Meek Milly “B Boy”

They say fake it ’til you make it, well let the fakin’ begin

Mighty Sin

Please forgive the lack of content because of that we’re gonna play catch up:

Up first: ZHU. Released an EP beginning of 2014 with little notice in the states. Over the past year, The Australian been blowing up largely on his song “Faded.” Another track to check out is “Paradise Awaits.” Makes you want to get the party going. Dude’s music makes you feel like you are at a warehouse rave (but in a good way).

Once you’re done vibin’ to that, check out The Griswolds. This band is about to blow up in 2o15. It helps when other artists can remix your music into dope tracks like this:

Now slow it down with some Tora “Jaigantic.” The ultimate chill music, pretty similar to The Hics. Just good stuff all around.

We be chilling now and feeling all reflective. This can only mean one thing, rock out to the lyricism of Lupe Fiasco. The Kick Push kid goes hard for 9 minutes.

That’s it for now. BRB with some more new tunes, Give us feedback on what you like/don’t like. Music’s meant to be shared.

That Fresh Shit: Cathedrals

Fresh new artist: Cathedrals. Just signed with Neon Gold Records over the summer, Brodie Jenkins is a total babe and kills the vocals as the “songstress” of the duo. Note: Neon Gold has a pretty good track record of finding talent; Ellie Goulding and Passion Pit are some of their former acts. Cathedrals is part of the rising alternative RnB genre (Think Banks).

Tracks to check out are “Harlem,” “In the Dark,” and “Want My Love”. Take a second to take a listen.

The Realist

Everyone knows P Reign’s track, DnF because of that Drake feature. Another track to check out is Realist in the City. With up and comer PARTYNEXTDOOR, P Reign puts out a pretty chill song to kick it to. Meek Mills verse is basic as hell but who cares. Check it out..

Welcome to America

Refreshing to hear some music about real shit. This song’s a reminder that it’s all about perspective. Count your blessings.

If you haven’t checked out Lecrae’s most recent album, don’t sleep on it.

Hangover Musik

I’m hungover. You’re hungover. He/She/ It are hungover. Part of the remedy is Alt-J. Here’s a taste of their new album “This is All Yours.” Its called Hunger of the Pine. They throw a dope sample on the track of some chick named Miley Cyrus. Never heard of her before. But in all seriousness, it’s surprisingly very fitting and works well. Great song to chill to while the aspirin and gatorade do their job.


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